Dear Conscious Manifestor:


Are you ready to finally make the clearuncompromising decision to stop playing small this year, unapologetically say YES to yourself and claim the life you know you’re truly meant to live (screw the excuses)???

Learn to Apply Groundbreaking Neuroscience, Quantum Science and Ancient Wisdom Secrets for Manifesting What You Want, Used by the World's #1 Athletes, Spiritual Teachers, Business Moguls and Performers to Rewire Your Mind for Success, Live High Vibrationally, and Change Your Reality from the Inside Out, So You Can Materialize Your Goals and Desires!

Create True Healing, Harmony, Happiness and Deep Personal Transformation in Your Life within a Like-Minded, Supportive Community with an Emerging Manifestation, Mindset and Metaphysical Teacher.



You Will Learn How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Direct Your Thoughts & Emotions to Manifest Money, Good Health, Fulfilling Relationships, Business SuccessCareer Success, Opportunities, Exciting Experiences, Your Ideal Lifestyle, and so much more!

You're invited to join the high vibe tribe membership inside the



Take Charge of Your Life Today! 

Learn how to become a master manifestor and materialize your goals and desires like a boss! (...EVEN IF you're brand new to using universal laws to your advantage or to practicing the art and science of manifesting!)

Have you heard this myth?


That we are helpless, limited, undeserving and have no true power over our lives.






TRUTH BOMB: We are powerful beyond what we've been traditionally taught to believe by society.

What we haven't been taught is:

  • Who we truly are and how to use our supernatural power

  • Why we are here and what we are here to fulfill

  • How to be, do and have the life that we want


  • You've seen the movie "The Secret", have been reading books, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts - all around the law of attraction, manifesting, energy, visualizations, the mind, etc., but you always felt like something was missing....

  • You understand the "mechanics" of manifesting, intellectually, but couldn't ever really believe in it enough to apply it to your own life for some reason....

  • You want one thing, but you're sending mixed signals to the Universe/God that aren't in alignment with what you really want and who you really want to become....

  • You see other people creating, manifesting and celebrating their #wins when they get what they want - and you're happy for them... but it seems like you are swimming upstream and it feels harder than it should be. You want consistent results...

  • You're ready to work with a Manifestation Coach who is modern, relatable, fun, uplifting, and teaches in a way that gives practical steps to apply what you've learned. Someone who feels totally aligned with where you are right now in your life.

  • You've been an intentional manifestor for years, but you crave community right now. You want more paradigm-shifting classes, real-time coaching, accountability and being around other judgement-free, high vibe, progressive thinkers like you who can hold a conversation about #allthethings AND you can form friendships while up-leveling together, but you just haven't found it yet.... UNTIL NOW!

The truth is... you are constantly manifesting.


And you're damn good at it, too. You've been doing it your whole life. Whether you know it, want to admit it, or not... It's. happening.


We are active participants in the reality that we live in.


Think about this for a moment...

How much of your life experiences are based on a set of standards, assumptions, stories you tell yourself, society and family beliefs, and learned behaviors you knowingly or unknowingly accepted to be true, from your childhood to adulthood... that have somehow shown up to be a self-fulfilling prophecies in your life?

Oh, I bet you can think of a few examples...


Take comfort in knowing that you can reinvent yourself and your life, at any given moment of your choosing.

You have the power to shift experiences, people and places in your life and intentionally begin to co-create a present and a future that totally lights you up inside!


There are some master keys you must have knowledge of and activate in order to unlock your spiritual power and get greater results as an intentional creator of your reality.

That's why...

The Master Manifestors 


was created.

To guide you on a spiritual journey, to come to know yourself from a divine point of view and to help you activate your spiritual gifts.



To hold space for you to practice the intentional use of your imagination on a daily basis to change energy into matter.



To equip you with exercises to discover your passions and to create your own roadmap to manifest your juiciest desires, from wealth and love to happiness and health.




Here are just a few lessons and transformations you'll experience inside the Academy...

  • You will create a fully turned on prosperity mindset. No more generational money trauma and scarcity thinking! Confidently tap into the infinite bank of abundance with your energy, because all is possible and yours for the taking.


    You will manifest more financial overflow, business opportunities, career growth, passive income streams, unexpected income, legacy wealth creation, philanthropy, and so much more!

  • You will learn life hacks and manifesting techniques to accelerate your success and help you get laser clear on your passions, soul-inspired goals, new identity and define standards for the lifestyle you want to live.

  • You will rewrite your subconscious programming to overcome self-sabotage, procrastination, fear of judgement, unworthiness and the like.


    You'll get into spiritual and energetic alignment, so you can unlock your highest potential in different areas of your life.

  • You will awaken to the understanding of your own spiritual magnificence and connect with your Higher Self for wisdom. You'll know how to access desired states of consciousness, thoughts and emotions, which is how we manifest.

  • You will master your intuition so you can make better decisions. Also, get guidance to create your own powerful success rituals such as how to start your mornings and end your nights.


    You'll be equipped to combat any quibbles or seeming hurdles that arise while you're on your journey to personal mastery, freedom and fulfillment!

  • You will unify your mind, body and soul connections to work synchronistically together.


    You'll learn how to bio-hack your body to increase "happiness and harmony" hormones, decrease stress, reverse low motivation, boost mental clarity and creativity... all which promote overall "inside-out" wellness and health.

  • And so much more!


These trainings have created radical shifts and manifesting successes for individuals who have taken and applied the knowledge.


  • Like Christine who manifested her mortgage being paid off in FULL (over $70,000) in July 2021... by somebody else who gifted it to her!


  • Like Monica who cleared specific limiting beliefs that led to her manifesting driving on the road again in June 2021, after 3 years of suffering from driving anxiety due to a medical accident that left her with severe vertigo.


    AND has manifested a special guy who moved away, but is now back into her life!



  • Or like Stephanie who went from years of not enjoying casinos from the times she accompanied her parents, to affirming one day in 2021, “Every time I go to the casino I bring home $500-$1000.” And in the course of 3 visits in 2021, she’s won $1100 total with very little money invested.


  • Or the 100s of people who participated in various trainings taught by Jerica, who've experienced clarity around their desires in life & business, emotional healing, more self-love, finding joy from within, receiving free tickets to events, money mindset breakthroughs, unexpected income, texts from their special person (SP), out of the blue manifestations, random gifts being sent and beyond! 

Here are the benefits you'll receive as a member of the Master Manifestors Academy:


Bi-Monthly Live Mentorship

Attend three (3) LIVE

60-minute zoom calls per month + Q&A with Jerica Glasper

Manifesting Lessons Library

Exclusive access to the online library of resources, recordings and worksheets

High Vibe Soul Tribe Community

Private Facebook group for coaching, creating connections and accountability



Exclusive pop-up guest expert masterclasses on transformative topics


The themes for September 2021 & October 2021 are:


"Steps to Manifesting Success in Your Business"


"Intuition on Fleek!: How to Master Your Intuition and Use Your Head-Heart-Belly Intelligence to Make Better Decisions"

((Once enrollment doors close, it'll be a few months before we re-open again. Don't miss out!))

Who This Conscious Community and Coaching Container is for:


Spiritual Business Owners, Leaders and Managers


Self-Mastery and Spiritual Enlightenment Seekers


LOA | Abraham Hicks | Neville Goddard Followers

In this community, our principles are that:

  • We operate from the belief that imagination and inner conversations are everything!
  • We know that we are the artists of our experience, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. We do not operate from victimhood.
  • We intentionally use the Law of Assumption to manifest our authentic desires.
  • We learn and practice based off of Neville Goddard's concepts, as well as Joe Dispenza, and other top Mind-Body Science Leaders.
  • We operate from the truth that the way to experience transformation in our physical reality is by changing from the inside out.
  • We are committed, consistent and connected to our personal mastery and that of our soul tribe community.



Sign up for monthly membership access.


Billed once every 30 days from the sign-up date.


No long-term contract.





Sign up for an annual membership and get 2 FREE months! (you'll save $194!)


BONUS: PLUS, get one 90-minute VIP Day 1:1 Mindset and Manifestation Coaching Session with Jerica Glasper (worth $297)




Get 3 months of 1:1 Mindset & Manifestation Coaching with Jerica Glasper (9 sessions)


BONUS: PLUS, get 6 FREE MONTHS of membership inside the Master Manifestors Academy. (you'll save $584)

$1197 X 3



Hey, hey Beautiful Soul!

I'm so happy that you found your way to this enrollment page. It's totally aligned and synchronistic. Your intuition led  you here. 

​As the Head Mentor inside of the Academy, my magic is in guiding you to learn and integrate groundbreaking mind science and ancient spiritual methods for manifestations,  authentic living, transformations.... and LIT UP FUN!!!!


  • I'm a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner (Mindset Coach) through one of the world-leading institutes and teacher in the personal development industry.


    I'm also a Manifestation Coach who works with conscious women entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers.


    I have an identity-based approach to manifestation coaching and use  NLP, visualizations, meditations and quantum energy techniques to guide clients to release their old stories, create new ones and achieve success in any area of their life.

  • I'm a visionary, intuitive, and sacred space holder for my students and clients. I will always hold the highest and grandest vision of your life and see you in your divinity. 

  • I watched the movie "The Secret" over 10 years ago, and have been on the path to self-actualization and intentional manifesting ever since!! What I've learned is that there are secrets BEYOND "The Secret", which I passionately teach. 


    I'm also an avid practitioner of Neville Goddard's methodologies for over 5 years. I teach classes and coach clients based on his profound work, as well as Joe Dispenza's.


"Jerica is a powerful blend of vitality, wisdom, leadership and ACTION. Her vision for women's empowerment is timely and I know she will help you achieve your goals.


Working with her is refreshing and inspiring and I LOVE how quickly she implements and gets results.


If you work with her, you will too, because her energy is contagious!"

Kylie Slavik

Story Coach + Copywriter

Conscious Marketer



"Thank you for the empowering class, Activate Your Money Attraction! It was well worth the time and investment.

Your genuine nature and your ability to confidently demonstrate practical, eye opening techniques and concepts was refreshing.


I definitely experienced positive shifts and manifestations during your class, which have enhanced the joy of me creating my own reality and living boldly."

Cynthia Suarez

New Jersey Realtor 


"Jerica, thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts with us!

The A.Y.M.A. class has been a HUGE blessing for me. I'm just super grateful that all of the concepts and practices are making sense and working for me. 

So many more opportunities have come about since I shifted my state and started feeling like the Millionaire business owner I know I am. This is my breakthrough!"

Monica Rowe

Confidence Coach for Biz Women

Creator of the Love to Go Live Method



Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about the

Master Manifestors Academy monthly coaching membership.

How long is the membership commitment for? Is it easy to cancel? Are there refunds?

What can I expect immediately after joining the membership? How do I get a successful start?

Do you provide any support if I have questions once I join?

If I want 1-on-1 private coaching with Jerica in addition to the membership, is that offered?

I am devout in my religion. What do you teach in the classes? Should I be worried about joining?

Is there already content inside the membership site that I can start watching once I join?

What if I cannot attend live? Will I have access to the recordings?

How many classes are there per month? When are the class dates and times?